Sustainable and Recyclable.
The world needs better solutions for the packaging
and transport of perishable products.
Chilltainers are the future of sustainable packaging.
Made from over 95% renewable fibre, they eliminate
the economic and environmental costs of polystyrene/EPS
saving money... and the planet!
Chilltainers are made from 95% sustainable paper and
are at least 86% recyclable in standard recycling.
Don't just take our word for it – the experts agree
PTS Germany test,
August 2021
Overall rating: Recyclable
WMU USA Recyclability
test, February 2021
Overall rating: Chilltainers
are over 86% recyclable
August 2021
Overall rating: Recyclable
What we are made of -
and what we are not...
Chilltainers are...
‘recyclable’ like all
other coated
Chilltainers are...
proven recyclability
by international
independent testing
Chilltainers are...
processed through
normal paper
recycling mills
Chilltainers are...
made from 95%
paper fibre
do not contain
metal or foil
do not set-off
metal detectors
Chilltainers’ recyclability is proven by
international independent testing
During 2021, Chilltainers undertook numerous New Zealand and internationally-based tests to verify and certify our sustainability and recyclability. The key findings are listed below, with a full copy of each test available as a downloadable document.
Chilltainers were awarded ‘recyclable’ by the PTS Germany recycling unit in Europe
Chilltainers were awarded ‘recyclable’ by the Western Michigan University recycling plant in the US

Operational Impact: Pass

Fibre Yield: Pass – Yield of Sample (% Accepts) – Set #1 86.8%, Set #2 87.3%

Download the full report
Chilltainers is approved by APCO to use the Australian Recycling logo

Australia: Recyclable - No technical recyclability issues

New Zealand: Recyclable - No technical recyclability issues

Chilltainers has been assessed using the APCO PREP online tool and has been approved to apply the ARL. This product can be disposed of in the Australian kerbside collection system and it will be recycled by paper mills.

Download the full report
Findings were supported by letters from APC and MRA expert recycling consultants in Australia

This product is no different from the vast array of cardboard and paper coatings, laminates, and wet strength cardboards that are continually processed in recycling mills. It provides high yields of fibre percentage which is the key determinant of paper mills.

The supporting materials analysis, independent recycling trial information, and resulting PREP analysis from APCO would support Chilltainers being accepted for recycling in Australia and therefore kerbside collection for MRF’s.

Download APC support letter

Download MRA support letter