Thinking outside the box
No matter what size or shape you're looking for, Chilltainers unique customisable profile makes anything possible.

We have an extensive range of 1 and 2-piece 'off the shelf' products or we can cost-effectively customise a solution that's just right for you.

Because Chilltainers are made from corrugated cardboard
with a metallised polyester coating, they can be easily diecut
and formed into any shape - just like a cardboard box.
Chilltainers Sizes and Specifications




Single Piece Chilltainers (Home Delivery, Courier)
Code Style Dimensions (LxWxH) mm Volume litres Approx. weight capacity
84445 HD - Redelivery 230 x 160 x 105 4 1-2 kgs
84446 HD - Small 366 x 283 x 105 11 5-8 kgs
84602 HD - Medium 366 x 283 x 140 14.5 9-14 kgs
524029 HD - Oyster 2T 410 x 335 x 125 17 10-15 kgs
522933 HD - Oyster 4T 410 x 335 x 170 23 12-16 kgs
88569 HD - Large 519 x 290 x 175 26 15-19 kgs
519219 HD - Lobster 1pc 550 x 318 x 181 32 18-22 kgs

88569 - left and above

Two Piece Chilltainers (Lid & Base, Telescope Style, B2B, Export)
Style Dimensions (LxWxH) mm Volume litres Approx. weight capacity
Salmon 680 x 315 x 160 34 20-25 kgs
529211 Lobster L&B 545 x 370 x 220 50 20-25 kgs
Kingfish HOG 740 x 272 x 200 40 20-25 kgs
Tuna - small 1375 x 385 x 302 160 tbc
Tuna - large 1800 x 425 x 430 329 tbc

Salmon box

Salmon box

Oyster and Shellfish box

Crayfish & Lobster box

Customise Chilltainers for your needs
Customising Chilltainers is as easy as customising a cardboard box. The possibilities are endless.
Shown below are a few examples of boxes we've made in the past. Whether they are 1-piece, 2-piece,
self-locking or glued, Chilltainers provide a durable, thermally efficient and attractive option for chilled
packaging. Talk to us about your requirements, we're happy to help.

One Piece General and Drinks boxes (RSC non-leak proof)
Code Style Dimensions (LxWxH) mm Volume litres Approx. weight capacity
534991 Large RSC 450 x 360 x 300 49 20-25 kgs
535790 Medium RSC 370 x 240 x 270 24 15-20 kgs
524889 Beverage Box RSC 285 x 215 x 210 13 6-12 kgs
525152 Carry Handle Beverage Box RSC 285 x 215 x 210 13 6-12 kgs
Other sizes made to order

General purpose chiller boxes
Code Style Dimensions (LxWxH) mm Volume litres Approx. weight capacity
Self Lock Box Made to order tbc tbc
Medium Made to order tbc tbc
Small Made to order tbc tbc
Chilltainers are so easy to erect and pack
2-piece Chilltainers

Assembly can be manual or inline mechanically. Manual assembly can be done by hand or by using a jig.
Jig assembly can be as fast as 12 seconds for each of the lid and base.
Manual Assembly
Watch the short video below to see how easily a 2-piece salmon container can be assembled by hand.

Jig Assembly
Assembly using a jig can take only a matter of seconds. View the video below to see a jig assembly.

1-piece Chilltainers
Watch the short video to see how easily a 1-piece Chilltainer can be erected by hand.

How to pack a Chilltainer
The short video below demonstrates 4 key steps for packing a Chilltainer to get the best results.