Cost savings at every level.
The economic and environmental cost of Polystyrene/EPS is enormous. Producers, wholesalers, retailers, households and customers are demanding a better solution for the packaging and transport of perishable products.
Chilltainers thermal packaging is the solution - a recyclable, high performance alternative to Polystyrene/EPS that doesn't cost the earth.
Efficiencies in transport, storage and durability results in
massive cost benefits at every step of the supply chain.
How Chilltainers can save you money
Cheaper freight costs
Airline approved, non-leak
Chilltainers mean direct
shipping from producer to
retailer. No repacking
saves time and money.
Space Efficient
Chilltainers slimline profile
means you can fit
more product in each box
and more boxes in each
transport container.
Stylish and brandable
Chilltainers carry your
product to the customer.
No additional labelling or
repacking required.
Chilltainers are 95-97%
recyclable in standard paper
recycling. Eliminate the
disposal and environmental
costs of Polystyrene/EPS.
Cost Benefit Comparison
Chilltainers vs Polystyrene/EPS
Fit up to
39% more boxes
in an aircraft container with
Chilltainers vs Polystyrene/EPS
Up to 50% less cost
Direct shipping saves time and
money if re-packing is required
in export markets.
Lower storage costs
Flat packs are highly space efficient
and easily erectable on demand
No disposal costs
Chilltainers are over 95% recyclable
vs the high economic and environmental
cost of Polystyrene/EPS disposal
No breakages
Super durable Chilltainers don't
leak liquids (impermeable) and will
not fracture and break in transit like
Stylish, brandable surface
Retailers love the Chilltainer look - they can
be branded and displayed directly instore
Lower freight and handling costs
Retail packs can be sent directly from producer to retailer substantially reducing costs of freight,
reprocessing and repackaging because Chilltainers do not require transhipping or repacking

Chilltainers - direct delivery from the production line to the retailer or householder - both of whom can recycle Chilltainers

Polystyrene/EPS - increased costs for repacking, transport and disposal
Chilltainers vs Polystyrene/EPS - a simple choice
The problems and costs with Polystyrene/EPS are myriad. Consumers are demanding an alternative,
one that costs less - financially and environmentally. Chilltainers are the future, here's why.
  • Proven thermal efficiency and temperature performance
  • Highly recyclable and made largely from sustainable wood fibre papers
  • Space efficient, slim-line profile reduces transport and storage costs
  • Delivery can be made in non-refrigerated vehicles
  • Strong, don't fracture and totally leakproof - airline approved
  • Easy to assemble, safer and healthier to handle
  • Flat pack for easy make-up, storage and re-use
  • Brandable surface supports high quality graphics
  • Customers love the look
Chilltainers - an environmentally friendly alternative
Packaging shouldn't cost the earth.
Chilltainers are made from sustainable paper sources and are easy to flatten, re-use and re-pack. In
contrast to Polystyrene/EPS, they are less bulky, no oil content, no breakages, reusable, leakproof and
completely eliminate the massive disposal and environmental cost of Polystyrene/EPS.
Recyclable Chilltainers
are made from
97% sustainable paper.
Chilltainers are 95-97%
recyclable in standard
kerbside recycling.
No toxic disposal
Recyclable Chilltainers
eliminate toxic waste with
no disposal costs.
Environmentally friendly
Customers, retailers and
regulators are demanding
better environmental solutions.