Chilltainers, going the distance
Chilltainers were developed in New Zealand to replace
polystyrene/EPS for transporting perishable products.
New Zealand faces huge distances to market for its products,
so the very best performance in thermal efficiency is critical.
Chilltainers are the future.
Reduce polystyrene pollution, reduce cool chain costs and
get more high value chilled perishables to consumers.
Saving the earth from Downunder
New Zealand faces huge distances to market for its famously clean and green products. Our reputation as 100% Pure is crucial to all New Zealand exporters and these businesses are demanding solutions that perform at the highest level and most importantly, don't cost the earth.

Chilltainers can be produced in almost any country in any cardboard corrugator without additional modification and supplied to local consumers and producers in market.

FernMark Licensed
Chilltainers are proud to have gained a licence to bear the FernMark symbol as a formal government recognition of our product's connection to New Zealand and authentication of our country of origin.

Any product carrying the FernMark symbol has been issued a licence by the New Zealand Government and demonstrates that the New Zealand business has met the eligibility criteria set by the FernMark Licence Programme.

Member of the New Zealand Sustainable Business Council
Chilltainers are a member of the The Sustainable Business Council, an executive-led organisation that advocates a better way of doing business - one which helps create a sustainable future for New Zealand.

We are committed to the balanced pursuit of economic growth, ecological integrity and social progress within a business context.


Thermal Performance


Chilltainers are made from 95% paper fibre and
don't cost the earth
Chilltainers are patented and proven
Chilltainers are proven in many different industries and perishables through logistic chains that vary daily. Chilled products include fish, shellfish, lobster, meats, dairy, meals, drinks, beer & wine, pharmaceuticals, flowers, fruits, vegetables; indeed any products required to maintain a temperature in transit.

Chilltainers are patented in many countries - New Zealand, Australia, Canada/US, Chile and Norway. We have manufacturers around the world and our customers have validated Chilltainers as a profitable and effective effective packaging solution for perishable products.
New Zealand
Chilltainers are manufactured by Opal in Christchurch, and marketed directly through Chilltainers Holdings Limited. A range of Chilltainers is available to producers of salmon, seafood, meat and home delivery products. Chilltainers are available throughout New Zealand.
Chilltainers are manufactured by Abbe in Melbourne and marketed through Australia by Chilltainers Australia Pty Limited in conjunction with Abbe. A full range of Chilltainers is available to producers of salmon, seafood, meat and home delivery products. Chilltainers are available throughout Australia.
Canada / USA
Chilltainers will soon be manufactured and marketed in North America. Marketing is directed to producers of salmon, lobster and seafood products and home delivery sectors. Chilltainers will be available through Canada and the US.
Chilltainers are manufactured and marketed by Verdenova in Santiago. Chilltainers are targeted at the seafood industry especially to replace polystyrene in the trucking and airfreight of salmon to Brazil and the USA.
Chilltainers are manufactured by Mondi in Poland and are available for Europe, the UK, and Scandinavia.
Other Markets
Please ask us about availability in any other countries.