The future of thermal packaging
Chilltainers are a revolutionary patented process that laminates metallised polyester to corrugated cardboard.

Chilltainers are the ideal replacement for Polystyrene/EPS - recyclable, durable, space efficient, affordable and sustainable.
Chilltainers are superior to Polystyrene/EPS.
Practically, environmentally and economically.
How do Chilltainers work?
What are Chilltainers?
Specialised 'cool' thermal packaging and boxes that replace polystyrene,
with increased strength, less bulk and are recyclable.
What are Chilltainers made of?
Strong, specifically developed corrugated cardboard from 95% paper fibre with a reflective impermeable metallised polyester laminate coating.
How do Chilltainers work?
The corrugated board provides airflow and a conductive layer of packaging,
while the metallised polyester laminate reflects heat away and maintains
coolness inside the package for longer.
Chilltainers are the ideal replacement for polystyrene
being recyclable, durable, space efficient,
affordable and sustainable.
Lower freight and handling costs
Quality Insulation
Reflective insulation
technology ensures
your product arrives in
top condition
Durable and
No breakages, leakproof
and airline approved.
Ship Direct - Fresh
No transhipping or
repacking required,
maintaining cold and
reducing microbial counts.
Flexible and Secure
Use ice or gel packs;
securing shipments
and USFDA approved
MetPET surface
Chilltainers are used to transport a wide variety of
chilled, perishable products
Fish - fillets or whole.
Prawns, shrimps etc.
Oysters, scallops,
mussels etc.
Lobster, crayfish
and crab
Home Deliveries
By courier - meals,
recipes, ingredients
Fresh, cured
and chilled meats
Dairy Products
Cheeses, yoghurts, milk,
cream and snacks
Medical Supplies
serums, vaccines etc.
Produce & Flowers
Fresh produce and
Wine, beer and other
chilled beverages
Chilltainers and EcoMats
Extend the travel time of your Chilltainers and reduce cost by using EcoMats, the 100%
recycled and home compostable chilled goods box liner.
EcoMat liners combined with Chilltainers are the ideal combination to replace polystyrene and gel pouches with a 100% environmentally friendly product.

EcoMats and EcoPockets improve the thermal efficiency of Chilltainers to extend the travel time and allow your produce to go further for longer. You’ll also reduce costs by using less gel coolant in each pack.
What are EcoMats made of?
100% recycled material that’s fully biodegradable, including ‘waste’ wool from wool processing. This is high quality wool which has been through cleaning, drying and spinning processes but never made it into the final product used by end consumers.

EcoMats are wrapped in USFDA approved AS5810 film that’s completely home compostable and made from 100% recycled product.
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Stay cooler for longer
- and go further!

Wrapped in AS5810
certified 30um film.

Made from 100%
recycled product.

Chilltainers and EcoMats offer a cool and cost effective
packaging option that's literally saving the earth!
Technical evaluations prove performance.
Independent and customer testing over many years and different environments in
Norway, USA, Australia, Chile and New Zealand has demonstrated Chilltainers thermal
performance equivalent to polystyrene/EPS.
Successful salmon shipments by truck in Norway
Chilltainers recently completed successful shipments by truck from Norway to Poland over 63 hours for a major Salmon producer. The charts below show the range of temperature and humidity from the Xsense data loggers used in various pallet locations across 10 Chilltainers and 5 poly/EPS boxes. The salmon fillets and HOG fish were 0.5-1.0 deg. C at packing at 2-4pm on 23 June, and remained at this temperature until unpacking around 9am 26 June.

There was no variation between the Chilltainers and the polystyrene/EPS whether packed with ice or gel packs. The Chilltainers were in excellent condition. In a similar trial with salmon fillets and HOG from Vancouver Island to Los Angeles by truck over 60 hours the fish was packed 0.0 to 0.5 deg. C, arriving in the same temp range, with the coolants in excellent condition.
Thermal performance of a Chilltainer of salmon airfreighted from New Zealand to Australia
Below is the printout of a datalogger that was inserted along the backbone of a salmon transported in a Chilltainer from pack off in Nelson, New Zealand, to a customer in Brisbane, Australia. Clearly evident is the immediate drop in temperature at 9pm followed by 64 hours sitting at 0-4 degC.
Shipment comparisons between Chilltainers and Polystyrene/EPS
Chilltainers have been recorded in long truck and air shipments in Europe, US, Chile-Brazil, Australia, and NZ. Although the conditions vary daily through these varied supply chains the Chilltainers have measured up almost identically to polystyrene/EPS on each occasion, proving to be the 'future of perishable packaging'.
"After reviewing the data on the conventional polybin and the
Chilltainers box, the change in the temperature profile
of these boxes follow an identical pattern, and the Chilltainers box
performed very well and is a suitable alternative to the conventional
polybin for the export of chilled and live product."
Findings from the New Zealand Crop and Food Research Unit, a Government Research Institute